Common causes and solutions of decanter centrifuge vibration

If the vibration is too large during the use of the Decanter centrifuge, it will cause the fatigue damage of the drum in advance, the connection bolts will be loose and broken, and even the differential will separate from the drum, causing an accident and affecting the service life. This passage will share some key information about the common causes and solutions of decanter centrifuge vibration

2022.10.28 mining tailing decanter centrifuge

1. During the maintenance and assembly, the score lines of the drum are not aligned; the accuracy of the dynamic balance is destroyed. Solution: Realign the reticle.

2. The lubricating oil deteriorates. Solution: Replace as described in the instruction manual.

3. The main bearing of Decanter centrifuge fails. Solution: replace the bearing.

4. The inner ring of the main bearing loosely cooperates with the shaft. Solution: Repair or replace the end cap.

5. The screw conveyor bearing fails. Solution: replace the bearing.

6. The bolts of the liquid outlet and the slag outlet are not tightened or the pipes are rigidly connected. Solution: Tighten the bolts, and change the elastic flexible connection of the pipeline.

7. Loose flange of the machine head causes vibration of the differential. Solution: replace the head flange or small end cover.

8. The differential is damaged (generally caused by lack of oil). Solution: replace the differential parts.

9. After the stop, the valve is not tightly closed and the material is fed, which causes the accumulation of material in the drum and the partial weight. Solution: wash in water, when the accumulation of material is serious, use the counter-clockwise steering wheel to drive the auxiliary pulley of the differential after stopping to discharge the material. After the accumulation of material is discharged, it can be put into use again.

10. The joints of rotating parts are loosely deformed. Solution: Check and repair.

11. The replacement of the new parts has a poor dynamic balance. Solution: adjust or replace.

12. The related parts are worn seriously. Solution: Replace and repair.

13. The material accumulated in the casing rubs against the outer drum. Solution: clean up or flush regularly.

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