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GN Separation will attend the Ecomondo in November held in Italy

GN Separation is delighted to announce its participation in the upcoming Ecomondo Environmental Exhibition, set to take place in Rimini, Italy, this November. Ecomondo is a highly significant event within Italy, focusing on environmental and sustainable development, and it holds a prominent position in the European environmental field.

2023.10.15 Ecomodo 2023

This year, Ecomondo is scheduled to run from November 7th to 10th, spanning four days. Serving as an international platform, Ecomondo offers professionals and businesses from around the world an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and access the latest insights, thereby fostering advancements in environmental protection and sustainable development.

Event Details:

Name: Ecomondo – The Green Technology Expo

Venue: Rimini Expo Centre, Italy

GN Booth: B7, 414

GN will showcase a range of environmental solutions, including the decanter centrifuge, solid vacuum pump, and mini screw press, each with diverse applications in the realm of environmental protection.

2023.10.15 sludge dewatering centrifuge

The sludge dewatering centrifuge is adept at fundamental separation processes such as solid-phase dewatering and liquid-phase clarification. The three-phase decanter centrifuge goes a step further by enabling liquid-liquid-solid separation. Notably, for materials like plastic particles, bacterial bodies, and oily substances, the decanter centrifuge excels due to its absence of filter media (filter screen) and the prevention of screen blockage. GN’s decanter centrifuge has proven highly effective in treating industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, and oilfield waste oily sludge, significantly reducing treatment costs and enhancing treatment efficiency.

2023.10.15 sludge transfer vacuum pump

GN’s solid vacuum pump, a fully pneumatic device, can manage a wide spectrum of waste forms, including liquids, slurries, powders, particles, and viscous substances. It finds extensive application in municipal sludge waste treatment and industrial solid waste treatment, with its attributes of safety, efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental friendliness.

GN eagerly anticipates engaging with industry professionals and customers at the Ecomondo exhibition, introducing its products and technologies, and exploring new opportunities for collaboration. GN Separation remains committed to a customer-centric approach, driven by technological innovation, and the ongoing enhancement of product quality and service standards. Participating in the Ecomondo exhibition is viewed as a strategic move to forge connections with customers, partners, and industry experts, jointly propelling the cause of environmental protection.


ATEX certified Mud Gas Separator and Vacuum Degasser to Europe Client

News from GN company this week: Recently, GN Solids Control embarked on a significant manufacturing project for a European client, producing a range of crucial equipment, including vacuum degassers and mud gas separators. These essential components have undergone rigorous certification to meet ATEX standards, ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance in the challenging environment of oil and gas drilling.

2023.10.13 Mud Gas Separator

The mud gas separator plays a pivotal role in the drilling process. Its primary function is to efficiently remove large gas bubbles from the drilling mud, particularly those containing hazardous gases like H2S. This is a vital step before directing the mud to shaker screens for further processing. By effectively eliminating these gas bubbles, GN Solids Control’s vacuum degasser ensures a safer and more efficient drilling operation.

2023.10.13 Vacuum Degasser

Apart from the mud gas separator, GN Solids Control offers another essential gas removal unit, available in two varieties: the vacuum degasser and the centrifugal degasser. The vacuum degasser is designed to remove fine bubbles from the drilling mud before directing it to desander or desilter cyclones. This process prevents the introduction of unwanted air into the cyclones, which can lead to rapid wear and tear. On the other hand, the centrifugal degasser provides an efficient solution while taking up less space within the drilling mud tank. This versatility allows drilling operations to choose the degassing method that best suits their specific needs and space constraints.

With a rich history in manufacturing solids control and waste management equipment, GN Solids Control has accumulated invaluable experience over the years. This expertise enables them to offer cost-effective and highly efficient solutions to oil and gas drilling contractors. GN Solids Control’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned them a prominent position in the industry, establishing them as a trusted partner for those seeking top-tier equipment and services.

Furthermore, GN Solids Control goes beyond individual equipment components; they specialize in designing and manufacturing complete turnkey solids control systems. These systems are meticulously engineered to streamline drilling operations and enhance overall efficiency. With a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, GN Solids Control stands as a reliable partner in the world of oil and gas exploration.

Key factors for the operation of decanter centrifuge

The normal operating parameters of the Decanter centrifuge include a maximum mud feed volume and a maximum inflow solid volume. When the actual mud feed volume exceeds the maximum value, the decanter centrifuge will lose the dynamic balance of the solid phase and the liquid phase, and the torque becomes too large . In severe cases, the Decanter centrifuge will be damaged, or the centrifuge will be overloaded and stop running. Therefore, during the operation, the amount of sludge and solids flowing into the decanter should be strictly controlled.

2023.06.08 fish oil 3 phase decanter

Select the appropriate feed flow method: first, adjust the feed flow to a smaller value (under frequency control, generally adjusted to 60%~70%), then start the Decanter centrifuge and work for a while, know that the solid phase is out The speed of the material is balanced. Then sample 500 mL at the entrance of the decanter centrifuge to determine the sedimentation ratio of the mud. It is normal if the precipitation amount is within 100~150 mL within 5 minutes. Otherwise, the bypass valve needs to be opened to reduce the feed concentration.

The water quality recovered by the sludge treatment system changes greatly, and the sludge particles will cause serious wear on the equipment. In addition, there are many uncertain factors that affect the outside world. In addition, there are many types of processing equipment in the system, and the processing links are interleaved. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of each link and give full play to the role of facilities and equipment, it is necessary to strengthen daily operation management. Supervise the operation management personnel to do a good job in daily operations. Familiar with the function of each equipment, handle the nodes of each link, and strengthen the coordination between the processes.

As a leading manufacturer of separation equipment and conveying equipment, GN always pay high attention to the product quality and consider the long-term benefits for our users. We would also like to introduce GN as a professional manufacturer in decanter centrifuge field, GN pays a lot of attention in the selection of raw materials, high-quality centrifugal casting or forging stainless steel materials are used, and for wearing parts, hard alloy protection is used.