ATEX certified Mud Gas Separator and Vacuum Degasser to Europe Client

News from GN company this week: Recently, GN Solids Control embarked on a significant manufacturing project for a European client, producing a range of crucial equipment, including vacuum degassers and mud gas separators. These essential components have undergone rigorous certification to meet ATEX standards, ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance in the challenging environment of oil and gas drilling.

2023.10.13 Mud Gas Separator

The mud gas separator plays a pivotal role in the drilling process. Its primary function is to efficiently remove large gas bubbles from the drilling mud, particularly those containing hazardous gases like H2S. This is a vital step before directing the mud to shaker screens for further processing. By effectively eliminating these gas bubbles, GN Solids Control’s vacuum degasser ensures a safer and more efficient drilling operation.

2023.10.13 Vacuum Degasser

Apart from the mud gas separator, GN Solids Control offers another essential gas removal unit, available in two varieties: the vacuum degasser and the centrifugal degasser. The vacuum degasser is designed to remove fine bubbles from the drilling mud before directing it to desander or desilter cyclones. This process prevents the introduction of unwanted air into the cyclones, which can lead to rapid wear and tear. On the other hand, the centrifugal degasser provides an efficient solution while taking up less space within the drilling mud tank. This versatility allows drilling operations to choose the degassing method that best suits their specific needs and space constraints.

With a rich history in manufacturing solids control and waste management equipment, GN Solids Control has accumulated invaluable experience over the years. This expertise enables them to offer cost-effective and highly efficient solutions to oil and gas drilling contractors. GN Solids Control’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned them a prominent position in the industry, establishing them as a trusted partner for those seeking top-tier equipment and services.

Furthermore, GN Solids Control goes beyond individual equipment components; they specialize in designing and manufacturing complete turnkey solids control systems. These systems are meticulously engineered to streamline drilling operations and enhance overall efficiency. With a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, GN Solids Control stands as a reliable partner in the world of oil and gas exploration.