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GN Separation would like to invite all of our clients and friends to join ASIA WATER 2024 Exhibition In April held In Malaysia.

Expo. Website

Expo. Name: ASIA WATER 2024

Add.: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

GN Booth No.: Hall 6, B602

Expo Time: April 23-25th, 2024

ASIAWATER 2024, the region’s leading water & wastewater platform for developing Asia, will return at the heart of modern Malaysia’s city centre, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, from the 23 – 25 April 2024, with the central theme “Water and Climate Change: Innovation for Resilience”.

During this exhibition, GN will show the following equipment:


Decanter centrifuge 

Decanter centrifuge  is a widely used equipment in the field of industrial solid-liquid separation. According to the characteristics of different materials in different industries, GN decanter centrifuge is divided into dewatering, separation, and clarifying decanter centrifuge. With centripetal pump technology, GN decanter centrifuge can also realize the 3-phase separation of liquid, liquid, and solids. GN will bring 2-phase decanter centrifuge GNLW223 to the exhibition.

GN Solids Vacuum Pump  

If you are having a headache when moving high viscosity drilling cuttings, then GN Solids Vacuum Pump is the best choice. GN has built 3 different models: GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B and GNSP-40B. We will show GNSP-10B at the exhibition.

Sludge dewatering screw press

GN screw press sludge dewatering machine is a kind of economic and environmental friendly sludge dewatering equipment. It is a new type of sludge extrusion dewatering equipment by using the principle of screw extrusion, through the strong squeezing force generated by the change of screw diameter and screw pitch, and the tiny gap between the floating ring and the fixed ring, to realize solid-liquid separation.

All of the clients of GN are welcome to visit the ASIA WATER 2024 EXHIBITION. We hope we will have a fruitful meeting and a happy Cooper with you. If you need any support about the operation and maintenance of GN’s equipment, please feel free to contact GN company for our engineers’ best experience and knowledge in the relevant industry. We will do our best to assist your project because just in this way we can establish a stable and long term cooperation. And we can provide on-line support and site instruction for specific situation if needed.

GN Separation Successfully Delivered GNLW224 Decanter Centrifuges to Australian Market

This week, GN Separation successfully carried out running testing and delivered two sets GNLW224 decanter centrifuges to the customer in Australia.

The GNLW224 decanter centrifuge, a star product of GN Separation, has garnered significant attention due to its exceptional functionality and versatile applications across various industries. Whether it’s sludge dewatering, industrial solid-liquid separation, or oil sludge treatment, this centrifuge exhibits outstanding performance. It’s not just an efficient machine but also an innovative solution that offers a more environmentally friendly and efficient approach to industrial waste treatment and resource recovery.

In the field of sludge treatment, the GNLW224 decanter centrifuge can rapidly remove excess water from sludge, significantly reducing its volume and facilitating subsequent processing or reuse. In terms of industrial solid-liquid separation, it precisely separates solids from liquids, ensuring maximum recovery and utilization of valuable resources.

Besides of its impressive performance, these centrifuges are equipped with a range of advanced features, including ABB motors, bearing temperature sensors, and vibration sensors. The implementation of these cutting-edge technologies provides a robust foundation for the efficient and stable operation of the centrifuges. Notably, the bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205, a material renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, ensuring the centrifuge’s longevity and reliable operation.

This successful delivery underscores GN Separation’s prominent position in centrifuge technology and highlights the company’s keen insight and responsiveness to global industrial market demands. As the global industrial landscape continues to evolve, GN Separation remains committed to developing innovative and reliable solutions that contribute to industrial growth and environmental protection.

Let’s eagerly anticipate more outstanding achievements from GN Separation in the industrial sector in the coming years!

2 Sets of GN Decanter Centrifuges Ready for Australian Project

News from GN company this week: Recently, 2 sets of Decanter centrifuge (Model GNLW224) have been manufactured and ready to start serving for an Australian project.

According to the customer’s requirements, ABB brand motors, bearing temperature sensors and vibration sensors are equipped to the decanter centrifuges which comply with IEC Ex explosion-proof standards. In order to make sure this series of Decanter centrifuges will provide a reliable performance and the parts and components of all the equipment will run smoothly for a long term operation, our technical department, production department and quality control department have paid a lot of attention to the material selection, material preparation, every step of production and the inspection for this set of equipment in each step.

As a premier manufacturer specializing in separation and conveying equipment, GN places utmost importance on product quality and the enduring advantages it offers to our valued users. We proudly introduce GN as an esteemed expert in the realm of decanter centrifuges, where meticulous attention is given to the selection of raw materials. Utilizing top-grade centrifugal casting or forging stainless steel materials ensures durability, while implementing hard alloy protection for wearing parts enhances longevity.

At GN, our commitment to precision extends to our manufacturing processes, where state-of-the-art CNC lathes, CNC centers, and CNC gantry milling machines guarantee unparalleled machining accuracy for centrifuge components. When it comes to the dynamic balance of our decanter centrifuges, we go above and beyond by employing a high-speed dynamic balance process alongside the standard low and medium-speed dynamic balancing methods. This meticulous approach ensures optimal performance by dynamically balancing the centrifuge screw and bowl at operational speeds, thereby elevating efficiency and reliability.

With our comprehensive range of decanter centrifuges, GN has made significant strides in various industries worldwide. Our products have garnered widespread acclaim, with a global footprint spanning over 60 countries and regions. The trust and satisfaction expressed by our esteemed customers serve as a testament to the superior quality and performance of GN decanter centrifuges.


Recently, GN Separation announced the successful completion of a batch of 8 units of linear motion dewatering screens for iron ore, which underwent trial runs at GN Separation factory. These dewatering screens are ready to be shipped to domestic customers to provide powerful technical support for the iron ore screening process on-site.

Iron ore screening, as a main step in the entire processing flow, has a direct impact on the final quality of the iron ore. GN’s linear dewatering screens, with their efficient and stable performance, have become a valuable asset in the iron ore screening process. They effectively removes liquid media from iron ore, ensuring its efficiency and quality during subsequent processing.

The popularity of GN’s linear dewatering screens can be attributed to their unique design and advanced technology. Among them, the Huck bolt connection for the screen deck wall plate not only avoids potential stress issues associated with traditional welding methods but also enhances the stability and durability of the equipment. The adoption of the renowned OLI brand vibration motor ensures efficient and stable operation, while also reducing maintenance costs for users. The polyurethane screen panel, known for its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, significantly extends the service life of the equipment and improves screening efficiency.

Furthermore, the modular installation design allows for flexible adjustment of the screen panel’s position, facilitating both on-site installation and faster screen panel replacement. This significantly reduces equipment downtime. The large screening area design enables the equipment to perform dewatering operations quickly and efficiently, further enhancing the processing efficiency of iron ore.

In addition to linear dewatering screens, GN Separation also offers a range of other mining vibration screens, such as high-frequency fine screens, banana screens, and flip-flow screens, stack vibrating screen, double deck linear vibrating screen. These products are widely used in the screening of iron ore, coal, and non-ferrous metal mines, providing customers with comprehensive and efficient screening solutions.

As a leading manufacturer of mining screening equipment, GN Separation has always focused on developing and producing efficient and stable mining screening equipment while putting customers at the center. In the future, GN will continue to dedicate itself to technological innovation and product upgrades, making even greater contributions to the global mining industry. We look forward to GN continuing to lead the technical trend of mining screening equipment, providing the global mining industry with more efficient, stable, and reliable solutions.

Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screens Ready for A Domestic Mining Project

This week GN proudly announced the completion of a series of Linear Dewatering vibrating screens (model number GNLMZ1848, 8 sets in total), specially crafted to serve a Domestic Iron Mine Project. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. Our Dewatering vibrating screens stand at the forefront of innovation, finding extensive application across diverse industries including mining, coal, construction, metallurgy, and chemicals.

What sets GN’s Dewatering vibrating screens apart is the utilization of advanced design techniques such as finite element analysis and anti-fatigue analysis. This meticulous approach ensures a rational structure, low energy consumption, and impressive dewatering and dry discharge capacities, all while adapting seamlessly to corrosive and abrasive working conditions. With its large processing capacity, high efficiency, and steadfast performance, our vibrating screen offers unparalleled reliability and productivity.

Customization options are available to cater to specific customer requirements, ensuring seamless integration into various operational environments. Whether it’s dewatering, desliming, demineralization, or dry discharge of mining tailings, GN’s Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen delivers optimal results.

To uphold our commitment to quality and reliability, our technical, production, and quality control departments have spared no effort in meticulously overseeing material selection, preparation, production processes, and inspection protocols at every step of the manufacturing process. This ensures that each unit meets our stringent standards for performance, durability, and longevity.

Furthermore, should you require assistance with the operation and maintenance of Construction Mud Solids Liquid Separation Equipment, including our mining vibrating screens such as Medium-sized Linear Dewatering Screens and High-frequency Linear Screens, as well as Decanter Centrifuges, our team of seasoned engineers is readily available to provide comprehensive support. We prioritize the success of your projects and are committed to fostering enduring partnerships by offering tailored solutions and exemplary customer service.

At GN, we take immense pride in our role as a leading manufacturer of separation and conveying equipment. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering as we continue to push the boundaries of excellence in the industry. Contact us today to experience the GN difference firsthand and discover how our solutions can elevate your operations to new heights of success.

GN Solid Vacuum Pump for Overseas Polypropylene Slurry Conveying

News from GN Separation: Recently, a set of Solid Vacuum Pump (Model GNSP20B) with transfer hoses have been manufactured and ready to start serving a Polypropylene Slurry Conveying project.

GN Solids Vacuum Pumps are extensively utilized across various industries and applications, including:

Thickener de-sludging

Tunneling and TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) applications

Sump and shaft cleaning

Tailings and ash pond cleaning

Digester and pond cleaning

Oil spill capture and transfer

Cleanup of under-belt spillage

Hazardous waste recovery

Drilling mud and cuttings transfer

Transfer of mining slurries

Offal transfer

High-volume guck and slimes transfer

With their versatility and efficiency, GN Solids Vacuum Pumps offer reliable solutions for a wide range of solids and sludge transfer applications in various industries.

To ensure the Solid Vacuum Pump will deliver reliable performance and all the components will run smoothly for long-term operation, our technical, production, and quality control departments have meticulously focused on material selection, preparation, every production step, and thorough inspections at each stage.

If you need support regarding the operation and maintenance of the Vacuum Pump, feel free to contact GN company for our engineers’ best experience and knowledge in the relevant industry. We are committed to assisting your project to establish stable and long-term cooperation. We also offer online support and on-site instruction for specific situations if needed.

As a leading manufacturer of separation and conveying equipment,GN Separation prioritizes product quality and considers the long-term benefits for our users. In the decanter centrifuge field, GN is a professional manufacturer, giving careful attention to raw material selection. High-quality centrifugal casting or forging stainless steel materials are used, and for wearing parts, hard alloy protection is applied.

GN utilizes advanced CNC lathes, CNC centers, and CNC gantry milling machines to guarantee the precision of centrifuge parts machining. In terms of dynamic balance, GN employs a comprehensive approach that includes not only standard low and medium-speed dynamic balance but also a high-speed dynamic balance process. This meticulous process dynamically balances the centrifuge screw and bowl at operational speeds, ensuring optimal performance. GN’s decanter centrifuges are widely utilized across diverse industries and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, garnering acclaim from satisfied customers.