The use and value of manure processed by decanter centrifuge

The first use of manure for electricity generation is relatively mature technology. Use cow dung to generate electricity and make substitutes for biogas and coal. For example, in dairy farms, the annual electricity generated by the fermentation of dried cow manure processed by a cow manure Decanter centrifuge can save 1.2 million yuan in electricity costs. In addition, cow dung sticks and cow dung honeycomb coal can also be developed in a certain place. Cow dung sticks made of cow dung are used as fuel, and the combustion value is high. Cow dung honeycomb coal is compressed with cow dung and coal at a ratio of 4:6, which solves the problem of honeycomb coal.

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The second use of feces

Feces can also grow Agaricus bisporus and straw mushrooms. The cow dung produced by the milk buffalo is used for biogas power generation. The produced biogas slurry can be made into liquid fertilizer, and the fertilizer is sold for more than 3,000 yuan a ton. The milk produced by milk buffalo is about 4 yuan, but the fertilizer can sell for 100 yuan. This shows that the use of cow dung can not only increase the economic income of cattle farmers, but also bring many economic and social benefits. In order to solve the problem of farming wastewater pollution and build an environment-friendly farming base, the company’s leaders attach great importance to pollution control work, and entrusted our unit to design a plan for the fecal sewage solid-liquid separation treatment project. In order to complete this work with high quality, the Decanter centrifuge is recommended to be used.

The dried cow dung dehydrated by the cow manure Decanter centrifuge can also be used as feed for many animals. The cow manure contains minerals and various nutrients, including organic matter, total nitrogen, crude protein and other nutrients.

After the manure is processed by the decanter centrifuge, according to the similar project investigation and the information provided by the owner, the sewage mainly comes from cow urine and ground washing wastewater, and contains manure and urine.

According to the requirements of the owner, it is necessary to treat about 300 tons of manure sewage produced by 4000 cows every day, and the moisture content of the dried cow manure after treatment is about 60%-70%. The excrement processed by the decanter centrifuge can greatly increase the income of the enterprise, and truly turn waste into treasure.