The methods for maintaining Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuges are often used in severe environment and under high workload, so problems will occur sometimes and the decanter centrifuge has to be serviced or repaired. How can we maintain the centrifuges? Here is your answer:

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1. When the decanter centrifuge is in the pre-cooled state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. After the centrifugation is finished, the rotor is removed and placed on the experimental table. The remaining water in the chamber is dried and the centrifuge cover is open.

2. The rotor cover can be placed on the platform of the decanter centrifuge or on the experimental table during pre-cooling. Never float the rotor on the rotor without tightening it, because the rotor cover will fly out and cause an accident!

3. After tightening the rotor cover, be sure to touch the gap between the rotor and the cover with your fingers after tightening. If there is a gap, unscrew it and tighten it again.

4. During the centrifugation process, the operator must not leave the centrifuge room. In the event of an abnormal situation, the operator cannot turn off the power. Press STOP. Fill in the centrifuge record before pre-cooling.

5. Do not use inferior decanter centrifuge spare parts, or use aging, deformed or cracked centrifuge drums.

6. You can leave only after the last routine safety check using a centrifuge on holidays and evenings.

7. When a failure occurs during the operation of the decanter centrifuge, please contact the technical staff in time when the component is damaged.

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