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High Shearing-force Circular Screen for Overseas  Silicon Sand Classification Project

News from GN Separation this week: Recently, 1 set of High Shearing-force Circular Screen has been manufactured and is ready to start serving for an overseas Silicon Sand Classification project.

The features of GN High Shear Circular Screen are as below:

  1. GN Separation‘s high shear circular screen utilizes a single vibration motor as the power source, inducing circular motion in the screen deck.
  2. Equipped with imported vibration motors (Martin or OLI) featuring advanced technology, ensuring reliable operation and prolonged trouble-free service life.
  3. The screen box assembly is divided into multiple sections, offering benefits such as high processing capacity, superior screening efficiency, minimal power consumption, reduced dynamic load, straightforward operation, consistent performance, safety, durability, and low maintenance requirements.
  4. Convenient and dependable mechanical angle adjustment of the screen box assembly. Reconstituted-slurry spray water is introduced between each section of the screen deck to enhance material screening effectiveness.
  5. The screen box undergoes comprehensive heat treatment to withstand prolonged operation under high vibration intensity.
  6. Utilizes internationally renowned electrical components from Siemens or Schneider.
  7. Features flexible polyurethane screen mesh with excellent elasticity, minimizing screen blockage. Installation of 4 to 5 screen panels is possible.
  8. The screen is secured using mesh-pulling bolt components, ensuring ease of operation and reliable fastening.
  9. Surface treatment of the vibrating screen incorporates sandblasting technology and heavy anti-corrosion paint spraying, offering excellent corrosion resistance. The material contact surface is coated with a wear-resistant polyurea resin layer or fitted with wear-resistant rubber plates to safeguard the screen machine’s surface and extend its operational lifespan.

To ensure that’s this High Shear Circular Screen will deliver reliable performance and that all parts and components operate smoothly for long-term usage, our technical, production, and quality control departments have meticulously focused on material selection, preparation, every production step, and inspections at each stage

Should you require any assistance regarding the operation and maintenance of Mud Solids Liquid Separation Equipment, such as vibrating screen, Mud tank, DesilterDesander Unit, Decanter Centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation. Our engineers possess the best experience and knowledge in the relevant industry, and we are committed to providing optimal support for your project. Establishing stable and long-term cooperation is our goal, and we offer online support and on-site instructions tailored to specific situations if needed.