Requirements of lubricating oil for decanter centrifuge

During the daily operation some wear will occur to the Decanter centrifuge. So maintenance is imperative in order to extend the service life of the equipment. Lubricating oil must be used regularly. Below we introduce the precautions for adding lubricating oil to the Decanter centrifuge.

The Decanter centrifuge has two main components that need to be lubricated. One is the bearing and the other is the reducer. The bearing is greased, commonly known as butter; the reducer is lubricated, that is, gear oil. Butter is grease. One of the main quality indicators for evaluating grease is the freezing point. Freezing point is the maximum temperature when the oil is not flowing under the specified conditions. The freezing point of butter is higher than normal temperature. When the heating temperature exceeds the freezing point, it can melt and flow. The melted butter can lubricate the bearings, reduce the friction between the components, reduce wear, and have the effect of cooling.

Gear oil should have good abrasion resistance, load resistance and suitable viscosity. In addition, it should have good thermal oxidation stability, anti-foam resistance, water separation performance and anti-rust performance. Gear oil is a lubricating oil with excellent performance. Gear oil is a kind of important lubricating oil mainly composed of petroleum lubricating base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, which is added with extreme pressure anti-wear agent and oily agent.

  1. The lubricating oil should have a certain stability. In the working environment of some decanter centrifuges, the temperature difference between day and night is large. If the oil is poor, it will cause the formation of a lubricating film, which will not play a lubricating role. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, lubrication should also have flame resistance.
  2. The selected lubricating oil should have certain thermal stability and oxidation resistance. Because the oil tank of the decanter centrifuge is small, the amount of lubricating oil is necessarily small. Moreover, the long-term operation of the decanter centrifuge will increase the temperature of the bearings and other parts, so the lubricating oil needs to be thermally stable.
  3. The working environment of the decanter centrifuge will be contaminated by dust, moisture and other impurities. Therefore, there are requirements for lubrication such as anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. When impurities are contaminated in the lubricating oil, its performance will not be greatly affected. It does not affect the normal operation of the equipment as standard. Butter is usually added once a shift, gear oil is added at least once a week, and needs to be replaced once a month. So as to meet the maintenance needs of decanter centrifuge.