Methods for reducing the noise and vibration of decanter centrifuge

The principle of the decanter centrifuge is to use the centrifugal force brought by the high-speed mechanical rotation to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation, and some noise and vibration will be generated during the operation of the equipment. It will affect the surrounding environment of the device, so when using the device, some techniques can reduce noise and vibration. The following are some common technical solutions:


When the whole set of equipment runs empty and the inlet and outlet are closed, the average noise at 1 meter around the equipment will not exceed 85dB when tested in the manufacturing plant.

When the decanter centrifuge is idling, without water, and tested in the manufacturer, the vibration is not higher than 5mm / S. If the vibration is too large during the operation of the machine, in order to ensure safety, it can be stopped by the vibration switch.

1. There is no need to disassemble the machine when there is a material blocking failure, only need to start the automatic slag discharge of the screw pusher to clear the accumulated material.

2. After the decanter centrifuge is shut down, backwash must be performed. Backwash only needs to open the flushing water valve and flushing water pump to complete.

3. The centrifuge is equipped with emergency shutdown, motor overheating / overload, screw feeder overload, bearing temperature, vibration and other protection functions.

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With complete machine monitoring and alarm system. When overload, short circuit and lack of phase occur in the course of operation, the centrifuge will be automatically protected; the speed of centrifuge, bearing temperature, vibration of the whole machine, lubrication system oil pressure, main and back motorscurrent, push torque and other operating parameters are monitored in real time, and alarm is started when the parameters are abnormal. In case of blocking materials, the device will automatically switch to the plugging procedures; if plugging procedures cannot be dredged, it will then automatically switch to the shutdown procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.