GN 22 inch Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Client

Recently, GN Separation finished the production of 2 units of 22-inch large bowl Decanter centrifuge (model GNLW554) for an overseas client’s solid-liquid separation project. This product highlights GN’s leading position in decanter centrifuge industry, thanks to its superior performance and professional design.

These two set of GNLW554 Decanter centrifuges are equipped with an innovative 8.5-degree half-cone angle design, which effectively extends the drying and dewatering area, ensuring industry-leading dehydration results. It excels in processing large particles, high-concentration materials, and meeting high-standard solid-liquid separation requirements.

In terms of technical characteristics, GN Separation pursues excellence. The Decanter centrifuge uses high-quality duplex stainless steel, centrifugally cast for durability and stability. The spiral blade, precisely pressed with CNC technology, combined with optimized cone angle and pitch design, and a unique BD baffle structure, enhances dewatering efficiency and throughput.

The GNLW554 Decanter centrifuge from GN Solids Control has a wide range of applications, including drilling mud, environmental protection sewage, industrial wastewater, and more. Its high efficiency and stable performance provide reliable solid-liquid separation solutions for various industries.

Additionally, GN offers a comprehensive monitoring and alarm system for the Decanter centrifuge, allowing real-time monitoring of the equipment’s operating status. In case of any abnormalities, the alarm system activates immediately, ensuring safe and stable operation. The system also monitors operating parameters in real-time, offering users comprehensive equipment management support.

This new product from GN stands out for its excellent performance, environmental protection, and energy-saving advantages. Its optimized design and material selection result in lower energy consumption, meeting modern industry requirements for environmental protection and energy efficiency.

GN is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality and efficient solid-liquid separation equipment. The introduction of the GNLW554 22-inch large bowl Decanter centrifuge is a significant breakthrough for GN in the field of solid-liquid separation. We believe this centrifuge will become a benchmark product in the industry with its superior performance and professional design.