Centrifugal Pump and Solids Control Centrifuge for African Client

A batch of solids control equipment have been manufactured recently and ready to start serving for an African project, to provide service for drilling rigs. Including: 2 sets of solid control equipment for 1500HP rig (6 shale shakers GNZS594J, 2 sets of mud cleaners GNZJ594J-2S12N,16 sets of centrifugal pumps, and 2 sets of GNLW452 decanter centrifuges).

As a renowned manufacturer of solids control equipment, GN maintains an unwavering commitment to excellence, consistently delivering cutting-edge equipment that caters to the ever-increasing demands of a global clientele. With a rich history of providing reliable solutions in the realm of oil exploration, GN’s equipment stands as a beacon of performance and stability.

The recent dispatch of shale shakers, Centrifugal pumps, decanter centrifuges, and a myriad of other top-notch equipment has become instrumental in propelling the forward momentum of flourishing petroleum industry. These state-of-the-art devices serve as indispensable assets, extending efficient support to drilling rigs and ensuring the seamless execution of complex drilling operations.

An illustrious testament to GN’s standing in the industry is the enduring collaboration established with the African project. This enduring partnership underscores not only the reliability and performance of GN’s equipment but also highlights the trust and support consistently bestowed upon the company by its valued customers.

Looking towards the future, GN remains steadfast in its customer-centric approach, consistently striving for excellence in product quality and technological innovation. This dedication extends beyond borders, as the company intensifies collaborations with international customers, fostering synergies aimed at propelling the ongoing evolution of the petroleum industry.

Selecting GN as your preferred partner in solids control equipment not only grants access to cutting-edge machinery but also aligns with a commitment to sustainable and responsible industrial practices. Beyond the delivery of exceptional equipment and support, GN believes in fostering enduring partnerships that share a mutual commitment to environmental stewardship and the relentless pursuit of technological advancements in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

In essence, GN Solids Control is not just a machinery provider; it is a steadfast collaborator on the journey towards excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the dynamic world of solids control and oil exploration.